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Active Kids Toolkit


NSW Government Sports Rebate

In 2018 the NSW Government will be launching the Active Kids Program.
This initiative will, in effect entitle parents/guardians to receive $100 per eligible child to contribute to the cost of playing our game.

Important Notes

  • Parents/guardians/carers will need to generate a unique ID number for each of their eligible children via the Service NSW website using their Medicare Card.
  • To receive this rebate they must apply to Service NSW.
  • The parent will be issued with a voucher code which they will enter into PlayFootball when registering their child with your club.
  • When registering with the voucher code the participant will receive a $100 discount.

Some useful information

  • The rebate can be used to offset football registration fees for school aged children.
  • Any rebate such as this helps make football affordable and accessible for all.
  • From January 2018, parents will be able to claim up to $100 per school child, per calendar year, as a voucher to reduce the cost of sport registration or membership fees for after-school and weekend sport, and active recreation activities.

Below is the expected procedure to follow for this rebate

  1. Parent Logs into Services NSW Website
    1. Parent Clicks on a button to apply for a Voucher Code
    2. Parent Completes all required fields on Child/children including Medicare details
    3. Parent Receives a code on the screen and it is also emailed to them
  2. Parent Logs into child’s PlayFootball profile
    1. Parent registers child to nominated Club as per normal
    2. Parent enters Services NSW Code into a field during invoice section which is to be added into the system
    3. System produces an invoice less $100
    4. Parent either Selects the “Manual Payment at Club” button or “Pay Online” as per normal procedure.

More information can be found on the NSW Government Sport website

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