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COVID 19 Match Day Protocols

Dressing Rooms & Refereeā€™s Rooms: All Changeroom facilities will remain closed until further notice, including both day and night.

Toilet Facilities: Will remain open. We recommend that individuals bring their own hand sanitiser to grounds as we cannot guarantee that facilities will have cleaning products in place.

Technical Area: Where team benches are permanent, the number of seats will be limited to ensure a minimum of 1.5 metres between each member of the coaching staff and substitutes. Where team benches are made up of moveable chairs, they will need to be positioned so that those seated are at least 1.5 metres apart.

Players: Players are expected to arrive in full kit, ready to play.

Spectators: May attend games but must adhere to social distancing requirements. Players and
spectators are to leave the facility as soon as possible following the conclusion of their match.

Hygiene: The team manager is responsible for bringing hand sanitiser to each match. Hand sanitiser
must be applied to all players and officials prior to the start of the match.

Drink Bottles: All participants are to provide their own clearly labelled drink bottle that is only used
by that individual.
No sharing of drink bottles will be permitted. Bubblers are off-limits; however, drink bottles can be refilled from a tap.

Club Polo Shirts

Club Anniversary polo shirts are also available, at $45ea.
Orders can be made to [email protected] or in person at the club canteen, located at Mills Park.

A big thank you to our sponsors

Thank you for the support in past years.

From the Committee.

FFA National Member Protection Policy

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