Youth FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I register to play soccer for Hornsby RSL Youth?

Please refer to our Registration page but if you are experiencing difficulties please contact our registrar.

Can my child play with a friend?

Yes, there is a space on the registration form to request this. The club policy is that friends asking to play together can do so but the request MUST be mutual and fit within the constraints of team size.
Consideration can be given to grouping small groups of friends to play together. Group sizes cannot exceed 3 and requests must be mutual. Requests for larger groups to play together will be determined by the age coordinator.
You can also request to be with potential new friends. If your child is starting at a new school you can request to be placed with other children from that school. This often occurs with those starting kindergarten or moving to a new school.

Where and when will I play?

Most SSF games U6 and U7 will be held at Mills Park, Baldwin Avenue Asquith or at the home grounds of our opposition. U6-U18 will have games scheduled for between 8:30 and 1:30 Saturday morning

Where and when will I train?

Training is at Mills Park, Baldwin Avenue Asquith on Wednesday nights during the season. The time of the training session will be arranged at the convenience of the coach. As our coaches are volunteers we fit in training around when they are available. The only way to be certain when training will be is to volunteer to coach, then you get to choose! Typically training will be for a 1hr session with skills development ending with a small sided game.


How long is the season?

The season normally runs for 18-20·weeks starting in the first week of April. Players do not have games on weekends in the middle of school holidays (but do on weekends that start or end holidays). Please check the Calender of events to see playing dates. At the end of the season there is a Gala Day, where teams participate in a combination round-robin then knockout short games on a single day.

Can my child play above his/her age group?

Yes, a player can potentially register in a higher age group, the team they are selected for will be limited by their ability.

Do we grade players?

U6 and U7 are generally not graded.
For the U8’s and above, we will be making every effort to grade all players into the team appropriate for their age and skill level. The Northern Suburbs Football Association (NSFA) then grades all teams into divisions of like ability.
Grading will be done as extensive research from the NSFA has shown that children enjoy their football much more and develop their skills much more quickly when they are playing at a level commensurate with their abilities.